Reed House, a Savannah based Clubhouse,
provides opportunities in Training, Education, Employment and Housing for adults challenged by mental illnesses...
Below is a slideshow of some recent photos from the Esther Reed Celebration Event this summer.

Our Clubhouse community offers people living with mental illness a sense of belonging and the opportunity to form relationships, so they can take the vital steps toward mental health. Memberships in Clubhouses worldwide has been proven to reduce re-hospitalizations and to improve overall health.

Fountain House, the creator of the Clubhouse model, believed in the power of community. It was created to relieve the loneliness and stigma that affect so many people who are living with serious mental illnesses, like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. Serious mental illness disrupts lives - people lose their jobs, they drop out of school, they alienate their families and friends, and they end up alone.

In 1944, six former psychiatric patients and two volunteers formed a group and called themselves We Are Not Alone - a name that speaks to what we still see as the central problem for people living with serious mental illness: social isolation. In 1948, recognizing the need for a place as well as a group, they purchased a building in New York City, and Fountain House was born.

For Fountain House, in a little more than sixty years, that vision has yielded a supportive community that annually helps some 1300 people in New York City and is the inspiration for 55,000 people in Clubhouse programs around the world.

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